Leo en un blog de noticias de go …

Okay so last night at the local Go club, Yuan Zhou came for his
monthly lessons. After they all finished, he told us all some very
exciting news.

Apparently, Obama is traveling to China next week, and the
government decided to give them a ceremonial gift. So, someone in
the White House decided that they should make a US-made Go set.
Someone in the government, called up the AGA and asked them about
it, saying that they could provide any resources needed, as long as
the board could be made within a week.

The AGA directed the government to a guy in North Carolina named
Frank (I think?) who has made a board in the past. Later they
decided that the best wood would come from Hawaii, and the
government shipped it in ONE DAY. XD
Frank also told the government that to put the lines on the board,
it would have to be perfect, and he only had one chance. So the
government sent him super-high-tech laser-printing technology to
help draw the lines. The board is set to be finished by Monday.

As for the stones, I think the US will find some sort of slate and
shell found in the US. As for the bowls, I don’t know. :s

So, I thought this was really cool, and apparently someone in the
White House knew go.



Dudo que nadie del gabinete de Zapatero conozca el Go, es más, dudo que algún político conozca el nombre de la panadería del fondo de su calle, sobre todo los ministros de cultura y educación.